Monday, September 19, 2011

Somali play&learn group

Children should be engaged in diffrent activites. Parent child attachment is an essential element it ensures that children will thrive in learning and rediness for school! Visit the Somali play&learn group every Tuesdays from 11 p.m-1p.m at Educare!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Open Arms Blog Has Moved!

The Open Arms blog has moved to:

Please bookmark the new location and we'll see you over there!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Where will Open Arms be this time?" Auction news!

Things just keep moving along at Open Arms this summer. It's hard for me to believe August is well underway and fall is coming. This year has been a busy one for us!

This week most of our staff was attending the 16th Annual DONA Conference in Albuquerque- reports back have been very positive. I've heard rumors that there are pictures and hopefully someone who went will send them to me and I'll post them!

But on to the news you've been waiting for ... the auction committee has also been working very hard on planning a great event for late fall. We'll have registration information for you soon, but our 3rd Annual Short & Sweet Auction, to be held Tuesday, November 30 in the evening, is going to live up to its name - it is less than two hours long, and it's sure to be sweeter than ever!

As you may remember, every year Open Arms finds someplace fun and exciting to hold our auction with an emphasis on neighborhood and community. We were at Tougo Coffee in the Central District in 2008 for our inaugural auction. In 2009, we wowed our guests with glass-blowing demonstrations at glassybaby's hot shop in Madrona.

And this year.... drumroll please... We're delighted to announce the 2010 auction location: Theo Chocolate in Fremont!

And yes, there will be chocolate samples and a tour of the chocolate factory! Who can resist?

In all seriousness, this auction is an essential way for Open Arms to raise funds toward the core program in our agency, Birth Doula Services, and we really hope you'll come and support us - bring your friends too, and get your holiday shopping done in one lovely evening. If you can't make it, we'll gratefully accept separate donations. Just specify "auction donation" and we'll take care of the rest.

The auction will have many interesting items (and as soon as I am given the go-ahead, I'll tell you about some of them), ideal for gift-giving or family fun, with an emphasis on community and local products and services. We think you'll love it! More details will be on this blog, on the Open Arms website, on our Facebook page and on Twitter soon.

Oh, and are you getting our electronic newsletter? We hope so, but if not, we'd love for you to join our mailing list! We promise we don't share our email list with anyone, and you can get off at any time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amazing Breast Milk

This New York Times article is a great way to close out World Breastfeeding Week -

Breast Milk Sugars Give Infants a Protective Coat

I love to hear all the marvelous ways natural foods are perfect for our bodies, with all sorts of benefits that can't be made in a laboratory. This article is great in showing that even the indigestible parts of human breast milk have a purpose and benefit a baby. Fascinating. Here's a teaser:

“We were astonished that milk had so much material that the infant couldn’t digest,” Dr. German said. “Finding that it selectively stimulates the growth of specific bacteria, which are in turn protective of the infant, let us see the genius of the strategy — mothers are recruiting another life-form to baby-sit their baby.”

Who knew?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

milkmakers donates 10% of August profits to Open Arms!

Exciting news - milkmakers, makers of premium, all-natural and nutritious lactation cookies, has announced that in support of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7), milkmakers is donating 10% of August profits to Open Arms! Read all about it in their August newsletter.

milkmakers has had a lot of great press, and a Seattle lactation consultant, Renee Beebe tested cookies with her clients and found 100% had increased milk production in under a week.

But lacation cookies? I bet you're wondering what they're like. These are not cookies which are meant to be healthy but taste terrible - these are yummy yummy yummy on their own, with the added benefits of supporting nursing -- a great way to nurture your taste buds and take care of mama while also feeding your baby healthy breastmilk. Emily Kane, founder of milkmakers, brought some samples to a board meeting one day and let me tell you, they rival cookies I get at bakeries. Soft, sweet but not too sweet, yummy oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies ... oh so good. I ate more than a few (and no, didn't start lactating again after seven years, haha!).

Anyway - we're honored to receive this donation from milkmakers and I'd love to encourage you to try these in August and support Open Arms: order them for yourself, give them for baby showers, or if you work in the birth and parenting field, recommend them to your clients. She'll ship for you - just put them in the freezer to enjoy one at a time and do something good for body and soul.

Thanks again milkmakers for supporting Open Arms!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two massage opportunities for pregnant women and those with infants

I'm posting these notices on behalf of the Simkin Center at Bastyr University. Sounds like fun! Feel free to pass along to people who might be interested.

Free Massage Therapy for Pregnant Women

Saturday, August 14, choose Noon or 2 PM
Kenmore, WA

Simkin Center seeks mothers-to-be to participate in a massage practicum during the Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy Certification Course. Open to women beyond 12 weeks whose pregnancies are low risk and without complications. Contact Simkin Center or 206.322.8834 x100 for more information, and to reserve a session time.

Free Infant Massage Training for Parents and Caregivers and their Infants

Friday, Aug 20 - 2-3 pm

Saturday, Aug 21 - 2-3 pm

Sunday, Aug 22 - 2-3 pm in Kenmore, WA

The Simkin Center seeks parents with babies, 3 weeks to 9 months old, to learn how to massage baby. You’ll provide important experience to students in the Infant Massage Educator Training. Older siblings or other family member are welcome. Join us for one day, two days or all three. Contact Simkin Center at or 206.322.8834 x100 for more information, and to reserve a session time.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skin-to-Skin Bonding after C-sections

I saw this blog entry today (it was posted a month ago) and thought that I must share it with you:

Skin to Skin Minutes After C/S in the OR… Speaking Up and Making it Happen

Go over there and read this and then take a look at her blog. This is a nurse who really understands how to make things happen and to get past all the objections and problems that we hear of that get in the way of women and their babies bonding and having a healthy start.

Check out the video on the blog - a great video on "Breast is Best" from Norway. WOW. I can't even imagine that happening here - breastfeeding during a c-section? Baby skin-to-skin on way back to a room? If a mother's not available, the father does skin-to-skin until the mother can be with the baby? Just listen to all the benefits of skin-to-skin. We in the US have a mighty backward system compared to Norway.

I'll be adding this blog to our blogroll.